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Straw Bale

Straw bale is an interesting building technique which has been rising in popularity due to its super insulated properties. With high energy costs that seem to be forever on the rise, straw bale offers a unique alternative as an extremely insulated home made with agricultural by-product.

Further abroad, there are a host of companies that specialise solely in straw bale building – but these are mostly found in Australasia and the United States. Here in the UK straw bale building is rare, but we believe that the method is likely to continue to rise in popularity over time as more fine additions of straw bale structures increase.

Common myths regarding a straw bale build’s longevity, fire risks, and rainfall worthiness are being expelled thanks to builders that are able to offer both an appropriate and functional design, as well as skilled craftsmanship.

When we create a straw bale building, we work in conjunction with Strawhaus – a company run by an extremely talented builder – Paul Fitzpatrick. Paul’s talent and passion for natural building construction makes for incredible structures that are both functional, and unique.

Together, we can provide you a complete service right through from design creation to completion. We’ll ensure that your building has a beautiful lime render finish to make it durable, and meets all of your design specifications, ready to impress your guests!

To get a quote or to arrange a building assessment, call us on or 01736 741272.