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Lime Pointing

Some people aren’t aware of just how important proper lime pointing on a wall can be – we’ve undertaken lots of different building restorations and renovations in Cornwall and know that a good technique with appropriate materials that match the wall substrate are absolutely vital.

Stone walls in the far West are most commonly built using rab and clay infill. Stone buildings need to breathe and so when they’re pointed with cement, excess moisture can build up in the wall, become trapped, and cause damage which can lead to the necessity for extensive repairs.

Pointing a wall with lime allows moisture to evaporate away, and can make a real difference to the internal humidity of the building.

At Muddy Mortars, we remove failed or inappropriate pointing and use our honed building techniques to administer fresh lime pointing, which allows the building to breathe and expel moisture. This creates a much more comfortable atmosphere inside the building, and helps combat damp problems. On request, we can match both the colour and style to suit your home to ensure that we provide a full lime pointing service that you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

Lime Rendering

Lime rendering is a wonderful way to restore a building and allow it to breathe. The finish is both durable and beautiful and helps pre 1900 buildings remain dry and healthy. Older buildings such as those made from cob and stone have no damp proof course, and often suffer from moisture wicking up from the ground.

A lime finish enables the building to shed such moisture through evaporation and to provide a comfortable space internally as the lime helps regulate moisture vapour, rather than harbouring a clammy atmosphere.

Lime is also a great way of controlling mould problems – something no home owner wants to deal with. Lime is known to be a natural antiseptic and can cleverly absorb moisture from the atmosphere in order to regulate the humidity inside a building.

Muddy Mortars are a traditional building service which can cover all of your lime plastering and rendering needs. We’re experienced in building renovations (having completed many in Cornwall) and like to incorporate as much of the building’s original character and features as possible while offering a beautiful modern aesthetic.

When undertaking a lime rendering job, we strip and repair the area before applying a key or scat coat followed by three coats of render. We use two base coats which have plenty of hair in to add tensile strength and a sponged top coat to leave your walls looking beautiful.

Lime Plastering

Lime Pointing

Lime Rendering

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