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Cornwall has a rich landscape of old buildings that are made either partly or entirely from cob. If treated well, cob can go on for generations and provide a beautiful dry home with plenty of character.

As traditional builders, the most common cause of damp we find in cob houses stems from the inappropriate use of cement finishes. We see a lot of moisture trapped behind failed cement render, which leads to problems with excess moisture and can ultimately end up causing massive structural problems.

At Muddy Mortars we ensure that all of the building materials and techniques we use for cob repairs and restorations are fitting for the cob already in place to ensure we create a good bond between the old and the new.

Cob experiences a small amount of movement depending on its temperature and moisture content and so we use cob blocks and lime or clay mortars to provide a ‘like for like’ repair and to ensure that our structural repairs are guaranteed to stand the test of time. With us, the quality of the materials and the care of the craft and techniques we use are vital to any building restoration and renovation, and we’ll always ensure that a building we work on will be long-lasting for generations and comfortable to live in for its occupants.

Our cob repair service can restore a section of a compromised wall by first identifying and treating the underlying cause of the problem. Once we’re certain that the root of the matter has been rectified, we’ll move on to removing the entirety of damaged cob and stabilise the wall. Following this, we’ll create a sturdy repair, re-plaster, and then ensure that the wall looks clean, tidy, and beautiful.

Cob Ovens

Cob ovens not only make a beautiful addition to any home, garden or culinary set up; they also make a functional centrepiece which is a talking point among guests. Cob is able to hold plenty of heat and so it’s been utilised in clay ovens for hundreds of years. Almost every culture throughout the world has a variation on a cob stove that incorporate the core ingredients – clay, aggregate and fibre.

When having a social occasion with a cob oven, you’ll need to heat up the oven for around two hours to reach optimum cooking temperatures, and then the oven will hold its heat for a following three hours. If you’d like something a little different, we can create an oven that will allow the fire to keep going while you’re cooking to give you as much baking time as you need.

Muddy Mortars will happily talk through your cob oven options, and help you decide on the best design for you. When we’ve built and completed the cob oven we’ll show you how to light and use it effectively so that you can cook delicious treats for your family and friends like a professional.

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