Muddy Mortars


If you are thinking about buying a property built before 1900, it is a good idea to seek impartial advice to help you assess likely repair and maintenance costs and to help you understand the way your building works. Knowing how best to maintain your building and how to spot issues as they occur could save you a lot of money in the long term.

Ten years of experience working exclusively with old Cornish cob and stone buildings has given us a unique insight into how they function and what is likely to be going on beneath their skin. We can help you understand the importance of such issues as drainage, the importance of breathable finishes, and the correct use of heating and air circulation to manage damp.

We can provide you with a report detailing what work will be necessary over what time period, the price range that you can expect to pay, and the priority that each item of work should take.

We do not practice ‘hard sell’, and our first priority is the health of the property and its impact on the health of the inhabitants. Please contact us if you have a potential project that you would like to discuss.

To get a quote or to arrange a building assessment, call us on or 01736 741272.