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Before the works were carried out, this room was literally dripping with condensation, and regularly reached a humidity level of 90%.

As well as creating this unhealthily damp environment, the cement pointing and the varnished stonework were dark and aesthetically unappealing. Because the walls had been varnished, they had no moisture mass, and combined with their high thermal mass, this meant that they were magnets for condensation.

Condensation encourages mould, and due to the dark hue of the stone and pointing, the mould growth was present, but not visible.

Our Work

We stripped the walls of all varnish and cement pointing. We plastered two of the walls with three coats of breathable insulating lime plaster, and the third we pointed with a mix of hydraulic lime and medium fine sand.

We left the pointing slightly recessed to highlight the colours and form of the stonework. We replaced one lintel where it was rotten, and cleaned the others to restore some of their original character.

The breathable finishes that we re-instated allow the room to regulate its own humidity. Instead of condensation settling out on the walls whenever the air temperature in the room changes, the plaster and mortar joints now act as a humidity buffer, taking in moisture vapour when the humidity rises and releasing it when the humidity drops.

The vastly improved aesthetic of the room is, of course, something about which we are also pleased!

Types of work completed:

  • Fine Lime Topcoat
  • Insulating Lime Plaster
  • Internal Lime Pointing
  • Lintel Replacement
  • Stone Cleaning
  • Timber Cleaning

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