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Here we had another case of a potentially beautiful building showing a very poor face to the world. A coat of ugly pebbledashed concrete had been applied to the roadside elevation.

As well as imparting a dismal aspect to the cottage, the concrete had cracked and blown away from the stonework in places. Water had become trapped behind the render and was allowing damp into the interior of the property.

Our Work

Being in a busy thoroughfare in St Ives, health and safety and logistics were the main challenges on this job. We doubled our usual safety precautions and mixed all mortar off site to minimise any risk to the public.

We stripped the walls back to bare stone before re-rendering with four coats of breathable lime render. We had to replace the lintel above the front door, as it was partially rotten. We also re-built and rendered the chimney with strong hydraulic lime, and conducted stonework repairs along the flue line.

After three months we returned to paint the roadside elevation with a four coat mineral silica paint system.

The combination of these measures halted the ingress of moisture into the building, allowed the walls to start shedding their excess moisture through evaporation, stabilised the property, and vastly improved its aesthetic.

Types of work completed:

  • Breathable Paint System
  • Chimney Repairs
  • External Lime Render
  • Lintel Replacement
  • Safe Working in a Busy Area
  • Slate Sill Installation

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