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Project Details


This early 20th century apartment block was made of very soft stone that had been pointed with hard cement mortar. The cement had hastened the erosion of the stonework, and needed replacing with a softer lime mortar which would act as a sacrificial layer and restore the breathability of the walls. The render on the top floor (ten metres up) was blown and required replacing.

Our Work

We stripped out the existing pointing and re-pointed with a lime mix. To add an extra layer of protection to the stonework we applied a breathable hydrophobic coating that causes water to bead and run off a surface rather than soaking in. We re-rendered the top storey using four coats of lime render; one scat coat to guarantee good adhesion, two well haired basecoats to give the render thickness and durability, and one sponged topcoat to complete the aesthetic. To finish, we used breathable mineral silica paint.

The chimney was in dire need of a rebuild. Its render was cracking and falling away, and the mortar between the bricks had degraded until it was little more than sand. The chimney itself was situated twelve metres above the main street, so more than a little care was required in demolishing and rebuilding it.

Types of work completed:

  • Breathable Paint System
  • Breathable Water Repellent
  • Brick Arch Rebuild
  • Chimney Rebuild
  • External Lime Render
  • Lime Pointing


The building is a little brighter now thanks to the grey cement having been replaced with creamy lime. The life of the stonework has been extended, the render is sound, and the chimney is no longer at risk of falling down.

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