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Project Details


This cottage is made of rubble stone construction: two faces of stone with an infill of clay mortar. It had been covered with cement render and non permeable modern paint, and as a result the clay had become saturated with moisture that had found its way in through the footings and the leaky chimney, and had then been unable to evaporate away. This led to the render cracking and coming away from the stone, which in turn opened the door to more moisture entering the walls.

Our Work

We stripped the walls back to bare stonework, and after rebuilding the brick arches above the windows we re-rendered with four coats of breathable lime render. We used a scat coat to guarantee excellent adhesion to the stonework, two well haired base coats to give the render thickness and strength, and a fine sponged topcoat to complete the aesthetic.

We installed new flashing round the chimney and rendered it in the same manner to prevent any further moisture ingress. The property was then finished with a breathable mineral silica paint system.

Types of work completed:

  • Breathable Paint System
  • Brick Arch Rebuilds
  • Chimney Restoration
  • External Lime Render
  • External Pointing
  • Stone Cleaning


The combination of the render and paint system will allow the property to shed any moisture it picks up through the footings into the atmosphere by means of evaporation and in our opinion, the aesthetic has also been greatly improved.

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