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Project Details


This former agricultural building was derelict when we came to it. The stonework was covered with layers of old paint, the cob was crumbling, and the space was damp and draughty. The clients wanted to transform it into a library and study space. They asked us to use breathable materials to make it warm, dry, and characterful.

Our Work

We stripped all existing finishes off the barn, cleaning the stonework to brighten it and enhance its colours. We repaired the cob and stonework as necessary, increased the height of the doorway, and rebuilt a window to more pleasing proportions. We used cork based insulation in plaster and solid sheet form to warm the space whilst retaining the vapour permeability of the walls. To finish off the room we built a corner Rumford fireplace using cob blocks.

Types of work completed:

  • Breathable Insulation Boards
  • Door and Window Enlargement
  • External Lime Render
  • Fireplace Construction
  • Insulating Render
  • Lime Pointing
  • Sponged Lime Plaster
  • Stonework Cleaning


We were very pleased with the look of the barn when it was finished. It was one of those projects where we were able to start with a wreck and end up with something beautiful and functional, and for us those are the best ones.

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