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Project Details


This farmhouse was in a very sorry state. The surrounding ground level had risen, and runoff from the adjoining road was soaking water into the walls. It had been also covered in six inches of cement render which was trapping the water in the cob.

The combination of these two factors had led to high internal mould levels, and was on the verge of causing serious structural issues within the walls, which are of mass cob construction. Cob does not tolerate water at all well, becoming softer and more pliable the wetter it gets.

Had this building remained in the same condition for another couple of years, I have no doubt that it would have deteriorated to a point of no return.

Our Work

We stripped the walls back to bare stone and cob, and carried out extensive repairs with cob blocks before re-rendering with four coats of breathable lime render. We had to replace just about every lintel, as they had rotted away to powder. We dealt with the issue of groundwater flowing towards the footings by installing surface drains to divert runoff away from the building.

As an extra layer of protection we installed a french drain along the perimeter.

Types of work completed:

  • Breathable Paint System
  • External Lime Render
  • Fireplace Restoration
  • French Drain Installation
  • Lintel Replacement
  • Sponged Lime Plaster
  • Structural Cob Repairs


The combination of the above measures halted the ingress of moisture into the building, allowed the walls to start shedding their excess moisture through evaporation, stabilised the property, and vastly improved its aesthetic.

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